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Compensation Structure Glossary

The following key is provided as a reference to help you understand terminology used in the Compensation Structure:

TitleThe job title is the official payroll title associated with the job code. A business title may be used by employees as long as it does not promote or demote the individual, and is not another existing job title.
Salary grade

The salary grade represents the minimum and maximum salaries for a position. The difference between the minimum and maximum salaries is referred to as the salary range.

Employee type

There are two types of employees:

  • Unclassified professional staff (UNC)
  • University support staff (USS)
Job family

A job family is a grouping of jobs related by similar types of work and requiring similar knowledge, skills and abilities.

Job description and minimum qualifications

The job description is a generic description of the typical duties and responsibilities associated with the job title. It also includes the minimum requirements (education and experience) necessary to successfully perform in the job.

Job descriptions also include whether a position is eligible to use an educational equivalency.