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Compensation Structure

The compensation structure is an important part of a compensation program that supports competitive and equitable pay. The information listed below is for unclassified professional staff and university support staff. More information on the subjects and terms used below can be found in the compensation structure glossary.

The Total Rewards study did not include unclassified professionals who also hold faculty status or are faculty members.

Learn more by reviewing K-State's compensation methodology and Total Rewards FAQs.

* Market pay is determined by Compensation and Organizational Effectiveness through a review of job duties being performed.

Recent updates
  • 6/18/18: View FY19 pay grades. Updated pay grades are effective June 17, 2018. Job titles and job descriptions have been updated to reflect these pay grade changes.
Past updates
  • 9/28/17: Job titles covered by the Kansas Association of Public Employees (KAPE) agreement have been published. Changes are effective October 8, 2017.
  • 8/21/17: Job titles eligible to use an educational equivalency have been revised. Educational equivalency statements have been included in job descriptions.

  • 4/13/17: Changes to the format of pay grades have been made to reflect their use in both HRIS and PageUp. For example, A-10 = 10A and B-6 = 06B.

  • 4/3/17: Managers and supervisors are encouraged to complete Guidelines for Managing Staff Pay online training. Additional resources for managers have been made available to assist supervisors and managers in making data-driven compensation decisions.

  • 3/6/17: View the updated pay grades. Updated pay grades are effective April 9, 2017. Job titles and job descriptions have been updated to reflect these pay grade changes.

The following job descriptions are intended to describe the general functions and responsibilities assigned to each job title. They should not be viewed as an exhaustive list of the specific duties and prerequisites applicable to each position classified as such. Position descriptions should be used to further describe the specific duties and prerequisites for a position.

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