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Human Capital Services

K-State Remote Work Arrangements

Kansas State University utilizes remote work as a dynamic tool both to discover and create the workplace of the future.  The university supports remote work arrangements that (1) are in the best interests of the university, (2) enable operational efficiencies, and (3) enhance the productivity of the department and the employee(s).

As remote work is considered, there are critical planning considerations related to K-State's revised Remote Work policy. Human Capital Services values a collaborative approach with leaders so that departments are positioned for success. Partnering throughout the decision-making process for remote work arrangements will ensure continuity and support the university workforce. 

This website provides guidance around remote work, the decisions that come along with it, and acknowledges the emerging questions that will be resolved over time. These include concerns about maintaining the spontaneous interactions between people and teams, savings and costs associated with a redesign of office space, allocation of resources, and the interests of the individual employee in the context of the collective. This requires a change in mindset and patience for a future that has yet to come into focus.


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Checklist for Establishing a Remote Work Arrangement


To establish a successful remote work arrangement (including hybrid remote work), the following steps should be completed: