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Human Capital Services

Job Analysis Questionnaire (JAQ) Labs

We encourage everyone who has access to a computer to complete the JAQ to the best of their ability.  Those who need or would prefer assistance are welcome to attend one of the lab sessions below.

K-State Salina5/27/2015930a-500p Tech Center Room 119 (Computer Lab), Bldg #6 on Salina Campus
Veterinary Medicine6/3/2015800a-500p 201 Trotter Hall
Housing & Dining5/20/2015830a-1200p1230p-300pDerby Dining Center, Room 133B
 5/28/2015830a-1130a Derby Dining Center, Room 133B
 6/2/20151230p-330p Jardine Tower, Level 3
Facilities5/21/2015900a-1200p330p-500pThrockmorton Hall, Room 1026 & 1027
 5/29/2015900a-1200p330p-500pThrockmorton Hall, Room 1026 & 1027
 6/4/2015900a-1200p330p-500pThrockmorton Hall, Room 1026 & 1027