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Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies Department

Graduate Program

The Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies Department offers a graduate certificate that can be pursued independently or by students who are enrolled in any graduate program at K-State or at other universities.

How to Apply

If you are currently enrolled as a graduate student at KSU contact the Gender, Women, Sexuality Studies Department Graduate Certificate Director at 785-532-5738 or gwss@ksu.edu.

If you are applying for the graduate certificate without being enrolled in another KSU graduate degree program, complete the Graduate School Application (here)


How to Complete

Graduate certificate work consists of completing 12 hours of graduate-level courses.

I. Required course: GWSS 810, "Gender: Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Feminist Thought and Practice." This semester-long class must be taken at KSU's Manhattan campus; it is offered annually in the Spring semester.

II. Electives: Three courses at the 600-level or above, either offered directly through Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies (i.e. having a GWSS prefix), or approved as cross-listed electives from other departments.

Graduate Courses

See GWSS classes in the university catalog