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Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies Department

Future Students

If you want to learn about efforts to create a better world for women, LGBTQ people, communities of color, and members of other marginalized groups, then you have found the right department. Our students are often activists and dreamers who are committed to social  justice.  Our department offers the intellectual and practical skills that they seek.  Our courses examine the histories and experiences of women, LGBTQ people, and communities of color in the US and internationally. We analyze the way that individual experience and social institutions are shaped by gender, sexuality, race/ethnicity, class, religion, ability and global inequality.  This analysis offers both an understanding of oppression as well as a vision of a liberatory future. Faculty members foster interactive learning and encourage students to consider their own experience in relation to course content.

If you are interested, it's easy to take a course as part of almost any major, as many of our courses fulfill university and college requirements. The department also offers a major, minors in GWSS and Queer Studies, and a graduate certificate. One of our advisors would be happy to talk with you about options.  Contact Dr. Christie Launius at 532-5738 or launius@ksu.edu.

"The Department of Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies at K-State has allowed me to understand the connections amongst forms of oppression, and to look critically at how we can work together to see the injustice in our world and correct it. Because of the skills I learned as a GWSS major, I was able to intern in Washington, D.C. this summer with EMILY's List, an organization that works to elect pro-choice women to office."     Haley Kottler, GWSS major 2017