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Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies Department

Dr. Harlan Weaver

 PhD 2012 University of California, Santa Cruz. Research interests: Queer and Transgender Theories of Embodiment; Queer and Trans* Affects and Politics; Queer Intimacies in Multi-Species Ethnography; Affect and Trans* Narratives; Gender, Race, Ethnicity, Indigeneity, and Sexuality in Science and Technology Studies; Sexuality and Critical Race Studies; Queer and Trans* Ecologies; Theories of Affect; Race, Gender, Class, and Sexuality in Human/Animal Relationships; Sociology and Anthropology of Animal Sciences; Citizenship and Animal Rescue; Homonationalisms; Biopolitics and Biocapital; Indigenous and Anti-Colonial Science Studies.

Select Publications

“Monster Trans: Diffracting Affect, Reading Rage.” solicited for reprint in Transgothic. NewYork, NY: Routledge, tba. 

“Pit Bull Promises: Inhuman Intimacies and Queer Kinships in an Animal Shelter. GLQ 21.2-(June 2015): 343-363.

“The Tracks of my Tears: Trans* Affects, Resonance, and Pit Bulls and Parolees.” Trans*genderStudies Quarterly 2.2 (May 2015): 345-352. 

“Friction in the Interstices: Affect and Landscape in Stone Butch Blues.” Emotion, Space and Society. 12 (August 2014): 85-91

“Trans Species. Trans*gender Studies Quarterly1.1-2 (2014): 253-254.

“Becoming in Kind: Race, Gender, and Nation in Cultures of Dog Fighting and Dog Rescue.” American Quarterly 65.2 (September 2013): 689-709

 “Monster Trans: Diffracting Affect, Reading Rage.” Somatechnics. 3.2 (2013): 287-306. 

“Review: Queer Ecologies.” A review of Queer Ecologies (editors Catriona Mortimer-Sandilandsand Bruce Erickson, Bloomington, Indiana UP: 2011). Lambda Nordica. Winter 2011.

 “Review: Sciences from Below.”  A review of Sandra Harding’s Sciences from Below: Feminisms,Postcolonialities, and Modernities (Chapel Hill, Duke UP: 2008). Perspectives in Biology and Medicine.Summer 2010.

 “Interview with Aleshia Brevard.” Bodies in the Making: Transgressions and Transformations ed.Nancy N. Chen and Helene Moglen, Santa Cruz, CA: New Pacific Press, 2006.


GWSS 300 Topics/Interspecies Intersections

GWSS 300 Topics/Trangender Studies

GWSS 300 Topics/Race/Sex/Science

GWSS 325 Queer Studies Concepts/History/Politics

GWSS 500 Feminist Science Studies

GWSS 799 Independent Study Graduate/Advanced Undergrad

GWSS 810 Theories and Methodologies

Harlan Weaveri

Contact Info:

Office:  101A Leasure Hall

E-mail: harlanweaver@ksu.edu

Office Hours: 

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