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Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies Department

Angela Towne

BA, 2001,Bastyr University of Natural Health Sciences, Kenmore, Washington; MA, 1009, Widener University, Chester, Pennsylvania; Ph.D, 2016, Widener University. Research focus is about orgasm, plans are to research the pleasure function of increasing pelvic muscles in women and to look at transgender experiences of orgasm pre and post medical transition.

Select Publications

Journal Article (Peer Reviewed)

Crane, B., Towne, A., & Seeber-Crane, J. (2013). Four boxes of gendered sexuality: A framework for teaching about the history and effects of gendered sexuality. American Journal of Sexuality Education, 8, 274-305. doi: 10.1080/15546128.2013.854008

 Towne, A., Ruggles, E., Crane, B, & Root, M. (2016). Does she want you to open the door? Changing gender norms among traditional young adults. Submitted to Feminist Studies.

Professional Article

Towne, A. (2012). What is consent? South West Neighborhood Association Newsletter. Portland, OR.

Journal Article in Preparation

Towne, A. (2016). Clitoral stimulation during penile vaginal intercourse: Adjusting the sexual script in support of female orgasm. In preparation for submission to the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Towne, A., & Pillar-Friedman, S. (2016). Psychological absorption in sexual response: Making sexual stimulation effective. In preparation for submission to the Journal of Sexual and Relationship Therapy.

Towne, A. (2016). The social construction of sexual biology: The new language of female pleasure. In preparation for Clinical Anatomy



GWSS 105 Introduction to Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies

GWSS 500 Topic/Biology/Sociology of Sexual Body

GWSS 500 Topic/Human Sexual Behavior



Office:  Leasure Hall 101C

E-mail: angelatowne@ksu.edu

Office Hours:


3:30pm to 5pm and

By Appointment