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Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies Department

Dr. Valerie Padilla Carroll

BA 1994, University of Texas at San Antonio; MA 1997, PhD 2005, Saint Louis University. Research interests: the intersections of environmentalism and popular culture, ecofeminism and the histories of sustainability movements.  Her publications include articles on sustainable universities, ecofeminism, and film/television texts.  She is involved in developing Transition Towns and promoting permaculture in Kansas. 

Select Publications

Padilla Carroll, Valerie. “Writing Women into Back-to-the-Land: Feminism, Appropriation, and Identity in the 1970s Feminist Magazine Country Women” [accepted edited collection, Women and Nature, Douglas Vakoch, ed. Lexington Books, N.D.]

“The Radical Possibilities of New (Feminist, Environmentalist) Domesticity: Housewifery as an Altermodernity Project” (accepted at ISLE: Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and the Environment)

“Bridging the Radical/Mainstream Environmentalist Divide: Affect and Objectivity in the Writings and Interpretations of Aldo Leopold,” in Aldo Leopold Land Ethic and Emerging Cultures of Sustainability, William Forbes and Teressa Trusty, eds. Stephen F. Austin State University Press (expected 2016).

“Sustainable Universities: Rhetoric versus Facts,” in Environmental Policy is Social Policy - Social Policy is Environmental Policy: Towards Sustainability Policy, Isidor Wallimann, ed. Springer Press, (2013). Cowritten with Rhonda Janke.

“Have I got an Ethnic for You! Ecofeminism as the Heart of Progressive Environmental Action,” in Democracy Works: Joining Theory and Action to Foster Global Change. Torry Dickinson and Terrie Clark Becerra, eds. Paradigm Publishers (2008).

“The Power of Three as Communitas: Moments of Subversion on Charmed,” in Investigating Charmed: The Magic Power of TV. Katherine Beeler, ed., I.B. Taurus Publishing, (2007).


GWSS 305 Advanced Fundamentals of Women's Studies

GWSS 350 Gender in American Film

GWSS 405 Resistance and Movements for Social Change

GWSS 480 Gender, Environment & Justice

GWSS 500 Food and Food Justice

GWSS 550 Popular Culture

GWSS 610 Captsone in GWSS

GWSS 810 Gender Interdisciplinary: Embodied Bodies

Valerie Padilla Carroll

Contact Info:

Office: 101B Leasure Hall

E-mail: padillacarroll@ksu.edu

Office Hours:

Monday and Wednesday

2:30pm to 3:30pm

By Appointment