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Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies Department

Areas of Study

About the major

The GWSS major requires 30 credit hours, typically beginning with GWSS 105: Introduction to GWSS or GWSS 305 Foundation. Courses include a capstone seminar in which students conduct original research guided by a faculty  member. Elective courses focus on a wide range of topics, including gender and race in literature, film and pop culture: gender and race in literature, film and pop culture; gender and the environment; queer studies; Latin American and African, and women and Islam, and much more

About the GWSS minor

The 15 credit hour GWSS minor is ideal for students who want to complement their major with in-depth study of gender and working with diverse populations. Many minor courses also fulfill K-State 8 and college-level requirements, making the minor feasible for most students, especially those who meet early on with a GWSS adivsor.

About the queer studies minor

The Queer Studies Minor helps students analyze Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer, and Two-Spirit subjects and objects. Importantly, the minor also provides them with the tools to understand Queer Studies theories and methods. Students who undertake the minor will study and apply intersectional theories and methods and explore how diversities shape and are shaped by power relations, affiliations, and contestations among race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, citizenship, transnationalism, empire, colonialism, class and ability.

About the GWSS graduate certificate

The graduate certificate in GWSS can be pursued by any student enrolled in a K-State master's or doctoral program, or independently of another degree program. One course, GWSS 810: Gender: Interdisciplinary Perspectives, is required.  The remaining 12 hours of electives can be taken from courses offered by the college of Arts and Sciences, College of Education or the College of Human Ecology, Students pursuing the graduate certificate can apply to teach introductory courses in GWSS as graduate teaching assistants.