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Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies Department

Our alumni are making a difference with careers in:


 Megan Challendar, Clinic Teaching Fellow, Domestic Violence Clinic, Georgetown University Law Center (Minor 2006)

 Janice Norlin, Attorney at Marietta, Kellogg & Price (Secondary Major 1989)

Carrie Waide, Attorney, Phyllis G. Bossin & Associates (Major, 2010)

Violence Prevention and Advocacy:

Jessica Haymaker, LMSW, Advocacy Specialist, Oregon State University (Minor 2009)

Mary Stolz Newton, Assistant Director, Wichita Area Sexual Assault Center (Major 2006)

Megan McCall, Intake Specialist, Center for Advocacy, Response and Education at Kansas State University (Minor 2008)

Kristen Tebow, Human Trafficking Program Coordinator at Willow Domestic Violence Center (Major 2011)

Riley Katz, Advocate and Data Specialist at The Willow Domestic Violence Center (Major 2017)

Human Services:

Lisette Corbeille, MSW, Crisis Case Manager at Pawnee Mental Health Center (Major 2016)

Mickayla Fink, MA, Disability Resource Officer and Equal Opportunity Officer, Workforce Alliance of South Central Kansas (Secondary Major 2004) 

Cassandra Myskiw, LMSW, Intake Therapist at Cottonwood Springs, Olathe, KS (Major 2013)

Cammie Rumback, Children's Care Manager/Care Coordinator at Horizons Mental Health Center (Major 2010)


Erin Bishop, Coordinator, Cats' Cupboard, Kansas State University (Major 2008)

Jericho Hockett, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Washburn University (Major 2007)

Jamie Gentry, Student Affairs Coordinator/Office Manager, University of Chicago (Minor 2009)

Trisha Gott, Assistant Director for Service Learning at School of Leadership Studies at K-State (Minor 2007)

Kendra Staley, Level Coordinator and English as a Second Language Instructor at University Del Norte  Columbia (Major 2005)


Brett Farmer, Quality Assurance Manager at Uber Technologies (Major 2010)

Summer Lewis, International Development Consultant at True Roots Consulting Group (Major 2005)

Dayonna McKinney, Junction City Chamber of Commerce (Major 2009)

And everything else under the sun!:

Teri Barton, Manhattan Public Library, IT Assistant/ILS Administrator (Major 2006)

Joslyn Brown, Graphic Designer at DERMAdoctor, Inc. (Major 2009)

Saylor Burgess, Dance Choreographer (Major 2007)

Vickie Choitz, Associate Director at Economic Opportunities Program, Aspen Institute (Minor 1989)

Katie Gatlin, Annual Gifts Officer at Lane Community College (Major 2009)

Andrea Parrish, Senior Administrative Specialist at Vet Med Center for K-State (Major 2011)

Jessica Gousse, Pastry Chef (Major 2012)

Chrystal Strauss, Office Specialist II, Economics Department at Kansas State University (Major 2013)