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Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies Department

Our alumni are making a difference with careers in: 


Chandler, Megan: J.D., Supervising Attorney, Maryland Center for Legal Justice (Minor 2006) 
Norlin, Janice: Attorney at Marletta, Kellogg & Price (Secondary Major 1989)
Polston, Emily: Deputy Field Director, Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party (major 2018) 
Walde, Carrie: Attorney, Phyllis G. Bossin & Associates (Major 2010)



Haymaker, Jessica: Sexual Violence Response and Services Coordinator, University of Oregon (Minor 2009) 
Katz, Riley: Advocate and Data Specialist, Willow Domestic Violence Center (Major 2017) 
McCall, Megan, M.A: Youth Case Manager, Pride Haven (Minor 2008) 
Newton, Mary Stolz: Assistant Director, Wichita Are Sexual Assault Center (Major 2006) 
Tebow, Kristen: Human Trafficking Program Coordinator, Willow Domestic Violence Center (Major 2011)



Calvillo, Klarissa: Child and Family Advocate & Forensic Interviewer, Western Kansas Child Advocacy Center (Major 2018) 
Corbeille, Lisette, MSW: Crisis Therapist, Pawnee Mental Health Center (Major 2016) 
Fink, Mickayla, MA: Disability Resource Officer and Equal Opportunity Officer, Workforce Alliance of South-Central Kansas (Secondary Major 2004) 
Myskiw, Cassandra, LMSW: Substance Abuse Therapist, Pawnee Mental Health (Major 2013) 
Rumback, Cammie: Children’s Care Manager/Care Coordinator, Horizon Mental Health Center (Major 2010)



Bishop, Erin: Coordinator, Cat’s Cupboard, Kansas State University (Major 2008) 
Hockett, Jericho, PhD: Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Washburn University (Major 2007) 
Gentry, Jamie: Student Affairs Coordinator/ Office Manager, University of Chicago (Minor 2009) 
Gott, Trisha: Associate Director and Assistant Professor, School of Leadership Studies at Kansas State University (Minor 2007) 
Staley, Kendra: Level Coordinator and English as a Second Language Instructor, University Del Norte Columbia (Major 2005) 
Wood, Heather, PhD: Assistant Professor, Department of Communication Studies, Kansas State University (Major 2006)



Farmer, Brett: Quality Assurance Manager at Uber Technologies (Major 2010) 
Lewis, Summer: International Development Consultant, True Roots Consulting Group (Major 2006) 
McKinney, Dayonna: Junction City Chamber of Commerce (Major 2009)



Barton, Teri: Manhattan Public Library, IT Assistant/ ILS Administrator (Major 2009) 
Brown, Joslyn: Graphic Designer, DERMAdoctor, Inc. (Major 2009) 
Burgess, Saylor: Dance Choreographer (Major 2007) 
Choltz, Vickie: Associate Director of Economic Opportunities Program, Aspen Institute (Minor 2009) 
Gatlin, Katie: Annual Gifts Officer, Lane Community College (Major 2009) 
Gousse, Jessica: Pastry Chef (Major 2012)
Parrish, Andrea: Senior Administrative Specialist, Vet Med Center for Kansas State University (Major 2011) 
Strauss, Crystal: Academic Advisor, Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering, Kansas State University (Major 2013)