Additional Resources

Community calendar

To add events to the Greek Community Calendar, please contact the Office of Greek Affairs.


Wristbands are available through the Office of Greek Affairs for distribution at your social events where alcohol will be present. They will be issued for free with your successful event registration.  Wristbands should be given only to those attendees who are 21 years of age or older. The maximum number of wristbands allowed per event is equal to one-third of the total number of expected attendees (including actives, new members, alumni, siblings, guests/dates).

Fraternity Recruitment Class Workbook

The fraternity recruitment class is designed to provide chapter recruitment chairmen and chapter members with the knowldege and skills to be successful recruiters. The K-State Fraternity Recruitment Class workbook is the primary resource utilized for training recruitment personnel, and will help chapters identify the key components needed to develop effective recruitment plans. 

Educational Books and Videos

Come check out these resources to share with your chapter or new members class:

  • Black Greek 101, by Dr. Walter Kimbrough
  • African-American Fraternities & Sororities: The Legacy and the Vision, edited by Tamara L. Brown, Gregory S. Parks, and Clarenda M. Phillips
  • Dude, What Are My Rights? The Self-Help Legal Survival Guide For Ages 18-25, by Corbin G. Keech and Charles W. Fairchild, Esq.
  • Manual of American College Fraternities, Baird's 20th Edition
  • Good Guys: The Eight Steps to Limitless Possibility and Fraternity Recruitment, by Matthew Mattson and Joshua Orendi
  • Rush Right: Reveal Your Best You during Sorority Recruitment, by Sunday Tollefson
  • "Playing the Game 2", a video exploring the issue of sexual assault and date rape by HeathVisions Media 2007
  • "FISH! Philosophy", by Charthouse Learning, a video and book containing a set of simple, practical tools to help you create the culture you've been looking for.
Articles of Interest
  • "Drug-Facilitated Rape: Looking for the Missing Pieces", b y Nora Fitzgerald and K. Jack Riley, published in the National Institute of Justice Journal, April 2000.
  • "Protocol for Interacting with Victims of Sexual Assault" From the K-State Women's Center.