Summer Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program

Summer Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (SUROP)

2022: The Graduate School is reshaping how we support undergraduate research opportunities. We are not accepting applications for the Summer Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program in summer 2022. Undergraduate students interested in summer research opportunities are encouraged to explore other summer research programs at K-State.



The Summer Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (SUROP) at Kansas State University (KSU) gives undergraduates experience with the research process. This experience is designed to help students prepare for graduate school. Participation in a program such as SUROP provides a first-hand look at the process and excitement of discovery through research. Such experience is viewed favorably by the admissions committees for graduate programs.

Program Overview

Students participating in SUROP will spend nine weeks during the summer at K-State working closely with one or more faculty members and their research teams. Faculty members have on-going scholarly programs that continue through the summer. Students are expected to spend about 40 hours per week working with their research teams and to be contributing members of this group. By the end of the nine-week period, students should have produced tangible results from their research and will report the results in a special research forum.

Participants will also attend weekly seminars to learn more about the graduate school experience and are strongly encouraged to attend other events and activities organized by the SUROP coordinators.

Previous SUROP participants

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