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Graduate School

Graduate School
Kansas State University
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Manhattan KS 66506

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Scott Schlender

scottsch@ksu.edu Schlender
114 Eisenhower Hall

Academic Services Coordinator
  • Assists with enrollment issues
  • Assists with tuition assessment issues
  • Assists with electronic form submission and completion issues
  • Reviews applications for residency for tuition purposes
  • Serves as Graduate School functional lead for KSIS (student information system)
  • Serves as Graduate School functional lead for Perceptive Content (document imaging)
  • Serves as Graduate School functional lead for Decisions (electronic forms workflow)

Scott has served in several different roles during his time with the Graduate School. He began as a student worker with the Graduate School and served in interim roles in both IT support and as the administrative assistant for Graduate Council. Scott worked as an admissions specialist for several years prior to becoming Assistant to the Deans and finally Academic Services Coordinator. He enjoys participating in church and community music groups, travel and cooking and entertaining friends and family at home.