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2018 GPRM-AAG Annual Meeting

GeoBowl Competition

Enter your department’s GeoBowl team to compete at this year’s AAG-GPRM Regional Meeting in Manhattan for fun, prizes, and glory…as well as the chance to represent the GPRM Region in the World Geography Bowl at the 2019 AAG Meeting in Washington, D.C. on April 3-7, 2019!

GeoBowl is a friendly and fun academic competition based on fundamental factual and conceptual geographical knowledge.  Teams of 6 students compete – game-show style – to answer questions and earn points.  Teams must have a minimum of 6 members, but can also have reserves that can rotate in and out of different matches.  Teams are encouraged to include a mix of graduate, undergraduate, male, and female students, but this is not a requirement of the regional level.

At the Banquet and Awards Dinner on October 6, the top 3 teams and top 3 individual scorers will be recognized.  The 6 highest scoring participants, including a minimum of one undergraduate and one female representative, will also be invited to represent the GRPM Region and compete in the World GeoBowl event in Washington, D.C..  Those invited will receive a small stipend for their participation.

Schools wishing to participate are required to pre-register and send the their institution and departmental name, team member names, class (grad or undergrad) and email of each team member to Dr. Deborah Hann who is serving as the 2018 AAG-GPRM GeoBowl Coordinator.  Teams attempting to register on-site at the conference may not be allowed to participate.

Dr. Deborah Hann
Department of Social Sciences
Emporia State University