Contact with Legislators

The Board of Regents and University have distinct policies regarding interaction with the Kansas Legislature, agencies of the State of Kansas, and members of the Kansas Federal Delegation.

Kansas Legislature

If contacted and asked to provide information to legislators; provide testimony to legislative committees; want to invite a legislator(s) to attend a meeting; want to request the Legislature for funds, programs, changes in legislation or new legislation affecting your program, the Board of Regents and/or Regents institutions, please contact our office at 532-6227 or e-mail at

The Kansas Board of Regents policy states:

"Faculty and administrators are encouraged to provide expert testimony on proposed legislation which may, or may not, affect the Regents and higher education. Faculty and administrators should make every effort to accommodate such requests, and shall notify the institution’s Chief Executive Officer, who, in turn, will notify the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Board."

Our office has been designated by President Linton to notify the Board of Regents on his behalf. It is important to state this is NOT a prohibition from any employee of the University to visit with a Legislator in the normal course of daily life.

State Agencies

Requests by other state agencies or branches of government are expected to be transmitted to me. If the information is a University specific request, these items may be handled by the University with a copy to the institution's CEO for transmittal to the Board office.

Kansas Federal Delegation

Kansas State University Overview of Federal Lobbying and Ethics Rules and Regulations