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2019 Legislative Session 

Legislative Update
May 6, 2019 

The Kansas Legislature adjourned early Sunday, May 5, 2019.  The Ceremonial Sine Die session will be May 29, 2019. 

Final Decisions of the Legislature for Higher Education funding:

  • Appropriate $8.9 million for state universities, Washburn, community colleges, and technical colleges to restore the final reductions from the FY '17 allotment.
  • Appropriate additional $24.1 million for state universities, Washburn, community colleges, and technical colleges.
  • Appropriate $500,000 addition for the Comprehensive Grant program for need based aid to students.
  • Appropriate to the State Finance Council funding to reach a 2.5 % salary increase across all state agencies.

Final Decisions of the Legislature specifically for Kansas State University:

  • Appropriate $ 4.0 million to restore Global Food Systems Grant to K-State.
  • Appropriate $ 520,000 to K- State Polytechnic to add professional pilot instructors.
  • Appropriate $ 650,000 to K- State Research and Extension for K-State Forestry for state wide fire suppression efforts.
  • Add the authority to sell the Pecan Field in Cherokee County, the Old Gym at K-State Polytechnic, the 4.4 acres next to International Grains Building in Manhattan, and convey back to the City of Olathe 11 acres near the K-State Olathe campus. 

For information and questions regarding the 2019 Legislature contact the Office of Government Relations

For information on bills passed and signed by the Governor please see this document prepared by the Kansas Legislative Research Department. 

Testimonies, Reports and Information

Legislative bill list - updated April 8, 2019

Testimony to Senate Ways & Means Subcommittee on Higher Education - March 7, 2019
Presented by President Richard Myers

Testimony to House Higher Education Budget Committee - Feb. 14, 2019
Presented by Provost Charles Taber

Testimony to House Appropriations Committee - Feb. 6, 2019
President Richard Myers

The Governor's Budget Report - Jan. 17, 2019
Presented by Larry Campbell, State Budget Director

FY 2019 Legislative Timeline

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