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Department of Geology

Student Support and Scholarships

University and college scholarships

Up-to-date information on costs, scholarship, and financial aid for undergraduates can be found here.

Several programs offered by the College of Arts and Sciences provide student support and can be found here.

Departmental scholarships

Thanks to the generosity of our alumni (and alumnae), the Department of Geology has been able to award about $30,000 in scholarships each year. There are currently over 20 scholarship and travel grant funds, some of which support multiple recipients each year. Some have requirements for scholastic achievement, some require financial need, and others have neither requirement; some are restricted to undergraduates (e.g., entering freshmen), some are for graduate students only, and some are for either. The scholarships typically support cost of attending KSU, travel to meetings or field research areas, and field camp attendance. This financial assistance can make a big difference! As an example, read about the Henry V. Beck Field Geology Fund here.

Application for these scholarships is simple. This information is distributed to students in the spring and scholarships are awarded at the Annual Awards Banquet. If you are an outstanding high school student interested in one of our freshman scholarships, please contact the Department Head, Dr. Pamela Kempton.

For Geology majors (and graduate students) who are interested in becoming certified teachers, the K-State TEACH program offers significant financial support.

Additional local opportunities

The Kansas Geological Society and the Kansas Geological Foundation offer scholarships to geology majors at Kansas universities. The Kansas Geological Society is an organization of professional geologists interested in furthering the education, applications, and awareness of geology in Kansas. Many of their members are graduates of KSU. 

KSU maintains an up-to-date listing of student employment opportunities here.

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