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The Gardens

Peony Collection

Thanks to the generosity of the Magnus, Lynch and Benton families who established the peony collection in memory of Lena and Herman Magnus. Initial plantings were installed in the fall 2015. There are nearly 150 different varieties of herbaceous, tree and Itoh peonies on display. Since the collection is so young, there are no pictures of the different varieties, but a list has been provided for reference until the plants mature.


Bed 1Bed 2Bed 3
'Alley Cat''Aerie''Adonis'
'Asahi-minato''Asahi-minato''Alice Krouse'
'Big Ben''Barzella''Argonaut'
'Black Beauty''Bouquet Perfect''Benton Family' - pink
'Bu-te''Bowl of Beauty''Benton Family' - white
'Cactus Jack''Cherry Ruffles''Black Dragon'
'Carousel Frolic''Copper Kettle''Bric a Brac'
'Coral Charm''Cora Louise''Coral Charm'
'Coral Fay''Do Tell''Coral 'n Gold'
'Dairy Anne''Douglas Brand''Coral Sunset'
'Duchesse d'Orleans''Early Scout''Dr. Alexander Fleming'
'Festiva Maxima''Faith Fenton''Goldilocks'
'Felix Supreme''Feather Top''Hakuo Jishi'
'Garden Treasure''Garden Glory''High Noon'
'Gay Paree''Garden Lace''Hit Parade'
'Green Lotus''Gay Paree''Immaculee'
'Grover Cleveland''Glowing Candles''Joseph Rock'
'Japanese Beauty''Hot Chocolate''Krinkled White'
'Karl Rosenfield''Jasmine''Lady Alexandra Duff'
'Lady Alexandra Duff''Jayhawker''Leading Lady'
'Lora Dexheimer''Judge Berry''Lillian Wild'
'Louise Marx''Julia Rose''Madame Butterfly'
'Madame de Verneville''Variety/Cultivar''Madame Butterfly'
 'Many Happy Returns' 'Kamata Nishiki' 'Nick Shaylor'
 'Martha W' 'Kansas' 'Pink Pom Pom'
 'Merry Mayshine' 'Kokuryu-Nishiki' 'Polar Star'
 'Mikado' 'Kokamon' 'Spiffy'
 'Mons. Jules Elie' 'Misaka' 'Top Brass'
 'My Love' 'Okinawa' 
 'Nippon Beauty' 'Old Rose Dandy' 
 'Nippon Chief' 'Pastel Splendor' 
 'Prairie Star' 'Pea Green' 
 'Ray Payton' 'Pink Derby' 
 'Red Grace' 'Pink Hawaiian Coral' 
 'Rockii' 'Pink Luau' 
 'Rose Garland' 'Pink Spritzer' 
 'Sarah Berhnardt' 'Primavere' 
 'Scarlet O'Hara' 'Raspberry Sundae' 
 'Shawnee Chief' 'Red Charm' 
 'Shima Daijin' 'Sandra Marie' 
 'Shirley Temple' 'Sea Shell' 
 'Sister Margaret' 'Shima Daijin' 
 'Snow Mountain' 'Show Girl' 
 'Souvenir De Louis Bigot' 'Simple Simon' 
 'Tourangelle' 'Singing in the Rain' 
 'Twitterpated' 'Sorbet' 
 'Vanilla Twist' 'The Mighty Mo' 
 'Violet Dawson' 'Tish' 
 'White Swan' 'Topeka Garnet' 
  'Yellow Crown' 
  'Wu Long Peng Sheng'