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The Gardens

Kansas State University Gardens

Department of Horticulture and Natural Resources
2021 Throckmorton Ctr
1712 Claflin Road
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506

785-532-6949 fax

1500 Denison Ave.
Manhattan, KS 66506

Announcement:  Garden Party 2023 planned for Friday, June 2. 

Garden Party 2022  --  Enchanted Evening  

The 2022 Garden Party was truly an Enchanted Evening with stunning gardens, beautiful weather, great food and drink, fun door prizes, lovely music, a very successful silent auction, and wonderful people. This important fundraiser resulted in over $27,000 for the Gardens' student internship program. Thanks to those who gave their support and everyone who attended the party!! Hope to see you all next year at the 2023 annual Garden Party.

Sponsors were:

  1. Bill and Greta Baack
  2. Steve and Deloris Berland
  3. Dan and Beth Bird
  4. Connie and Mike Butler
  5. M.C. and M.E. Cottom
  6. Jack and Jan Crocker
  7. Jason and Libby Cyr
  8. Family Tree Nursery
  9. Joe and Nancy Farrar
  10. Gloria Freeland
  11. Nelson and Marilyn Galle
  12. Joann Goldstein 
  13. Gary and Carolyn Haden
  14. Pat and Rita Keating
  15. Mark and Ann Knackendoffel
  16. Joe and Nancy Knopp
  17. Tim Lindemuth
  18. Christy Linders
  19. Deb Lippoldt
  20. Judy Lykins
  21. Jo Lyle
  22. Dave and Mary Jo Nelson
  23. Jeff and Virginia Peterson
  24. Martha and Dick Seaton
  25. Bill and Jan Shaw
  26. Arden Sheets
  27. Robert Smith
  28. Sharon and Bill Snyder
  29. Brad and Jenne Streeter
  30. Meihwa Terhune
  31. Elizabeth Unger
  32. Mary Vanier
  33. Jerry and Linda Weis Realty Executive
  34. Sue White
  35. Kris and Margaret Yaege