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Small classes, big gains.

First-Year Seminars

The First-Year Seminar program provides students with the chance to take small, exciting classes that are taught in a lively, interactive way. Do more than just go to class. Ask questions, interact with the professor and the other students, and challenge yourself with personalized, hands-on attention.

Many of the courses meet the program of study requirements for most students and most majors, and all of the FYS courses fall into one of the K-State Core categories that count towards your degree.

40+ in-discipline options
9 sections of Foundations of College Student Success
6 sections of Introduction to K-State Culture

First-Year Seminars

Small classes, big gains


As an out-of-state student, I came to campus completely on my own, and the First-Year Seminar class really helped me being to expand my K-State Family. The professor and students in these courses are people I am so glad to know. This was easily the best experience of my freshman year.
My teacher got to know each and every one of her students, and she helped us get to know each other. I was exposed to many things going on around campus, as well as things that I should do to make myself a better student. It made my first semester at K-State so much more enjoyable.