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K-State First

New Student Convocation

At the beginning of each school year, thousands of students, faculty, staff and administrators gather together at the New Student Convocation event. It is an opportunity to formally welcome first year students to the university and provide an introduction to the campus community. You will be greeted by and hear from current students, alumni, and key stakeholders of the university who share a collective voice of a community that cares for and is focused on student success. For more information and to view previous Convocation ceremonies, visit our History page. 

Convocation 2021

We are excited to be back together in person, several thousand strong, in Bill Snyder Family Stadium, to share in this moment of community and belonging. Join us on Sunday, August 22 from 7:00-7:45 pm to begin the creation of your K-State community. Be sure to arrive early when the gates open at 6:30 pm to grab some refreshments and to find your seat in the stadium! Our theme for this year is "Your K-State Journey Starts Now", and we hope that after the evening's event you'll see how you belong at K-State, learn a little about our university's history and traditions, reflect on the power of getting involved, and think about what your goals for college life might be. 

If you are an instructor or one of our Learning Assistants and would like some ideas on how to connect before, during, and after the event, we have created a quick tips document, which also includes a discussion facilitation guide.

a purple poster with convocation 2021 details