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K-State First

Discover the K-State Principles of Community

K-State First
Kansas State University
014 Holton Hall
1101 Mid-Campus Drive N.
Manhattan, KS 66506


Who we are

K-State First and its programs are made possible by the support of administrators, staff, and faculty members from across campus. K-State First has 50 First-Year Seminar faculty, 45 lead Instructors in the CAT Communities, and over 75 GPS Guides. The K-State First Director and staff (listed below) work closely with a Student Advisory Council and campus-wide advisory workgroup as well as committees focused on communication, research and assessment, K-State First Book, faculty development, diversity and inclusion, and overall strategic planning.

Meet the K-State First Team!

Learn more about our core team and what we love about K-State First!

round image of Tara Coleman

Tara Coleman 



K-State First Book Coordinator

I love planning, developing, and implementing the common reading experience for K-State students.

Greg Eiselein

Dr. Greg Eiselein 



I love working with faculty and professionals who are enthusiastic about the learning and success of our newest students.

Mandi McKinley

Mandi McKinley


Program Assistant

I love the opportunity to develop and support the K-State First team, growing our campus connections, and helping us become a #modeloffice. 

Mariya Vaughan

Mariya Vaughan


Assistant Director

I love working across the university with faculty, staff, and students to create a welcoming and diverse community. I also love working with first-year students in my CAT Community and FYS classes, who I learn so much from every year.

Brent Weaver

Brent Weaver


Learning Assistant Coordinator

I love training our Learning Assistants (peer educators) because peer-to-peer education is such a high-impact form of education. I have seen how successful our LAs are at empathetically engaging with first-year students.