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Matching Accounts in FIS

Because the Source (the “Index” portion of the State Fund and Index) is no longer tied to non-grant accounts in the new system, the process we use to set up matching accounts in FIS is somewhat different from what we used in FRS.

In FRS, when we noted that a non-salary matching commitment was made on a sponsored project, we sent a letter to all departments/offices involved. The letter asked for the source(s) the matching money would be provided from. Based on the response, a new account was established with that Fund and Index attached to it in the appropriate FRS range of numbers. For example, if your source of matching was from an SRO account, such as 46XXXX, the Fund Index attached to that in FRS was 2901 2160. We would then set up a matching account, 46YYYY, also with 2901 2160 attached to it. You then had to do a Change in Budget Estimate to move budget from your source of match, 46XXXX in this example, to the new account, 46YYYY, in this example. Matching expenditures were then to be charged against 46YYYY. If the source of match was to be from more than one Fund and Index, then a matching account had to be set up for each different one, so in some cases there were quite a number of matching accounts for one sponsored project.

In FIS, the process will be as follows. When we note that a non-salary matching commitment has been made on a sponsored project, we will set up an “M” Project number and include it in the e-mail we send for the new sets of sponsored project numbers (ten digit “G” Project number(s) and the six–digit Award number). We plan to try to match the last 9 digits of the “M” project to the “G” Project it is matching. For example, if the sponsored project has a Project number of GXXX123456, we will set up a matching project number of MXXX123456. We will also send a matching letter similar to those sent under FRS, only instead of asking for the source of match, the letter will indicate the matching account number that was assigned and provide you with some basic details about the matching commitment that was made.

When you charge expenditures to this “M” Project, as with all non-grant projects, you will need to use the appropriate Source (Index) on the expenditure transaction. Multiple Sources (Indexes) can be used within non-grant Projects (“M” Projects included). At some point, you will also need to deal with the budget and/or cash moves to this “M” Project. For allocated Sources used for match, a budget transfer will need to be initiated by the department. For Non-allocated Sources (those not receiving funding from allocations made out of the Budget Office), a funds transfer will need to be initiated by the department. The budget and/or funds transfers do not need to be completed before you charge expenditures to the “M” project. Training sessions and materials will be put together on matching accounts and the budget and funds transfer processes in the near future. If for some reason you need to do these prior to that time, please contact the Controller’s Office and we will assist you.

As always, the responsibility for matching lies with the Award department. The SPA office can assist with guidance and information regarding the matching commitments and needed transfers, but the department that received the award needs to communicate as necessary with any other departments involved and ensure that all matching expenditures are charged to the “M” Project.

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