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Grant Projects numbers and Awards numbers in FIS: Conversion and After “Go-Live”

In FIS, we must make use of two modules to accomplish grants accounting. Those two modules are the “Projects” module and the “Awards” module (it is really more like a module within a module, but I think you get the idea and I don’t have the technical knowledge to explain more than that!). Therefore every Sponsored Project will have at least two account numbers. The Projects module number is a 10-digit number that starts with G, and the Awards module number is a six-digit number that will begin with a two-character alpha that helps the SPA Office with the sponsor invoicing process.

Conversion of current FRS numbers:
The SPA Office is converting these account numbers using the FRS numbers in both the Projects module number and the Awards module number. For example, FRS #530738 is currently one of Biology’s awards from the Kansas Dept. of Wildlife and Parks. It is being converted as follows:

Project Number: GOBO530738
G indicates a grant (vs. non-grant)
OBO is Biology’s new department alpha

If you currently have multiple FRS accounts for one grant, we will assign a separate Projects number for each and they will “map” to one Awards number. In other words, you should end up with a Project number for every active SPA FRS number. Several Projects numbers may then fall under one Awards number.

Each subcontract is also being assigned it’s own Projects number. Format for that will be slightly different than above. For instance, if this Biology grant had a subcontract to KU, we would assign a second project number in addition to the one above, and it would look like:

G to indicate a grant
OBO for Biology
KU to help identify the recipient of the subcontract
0738 to match the last 4 digits of the Awards number (see Awards number below)

Award Number: KS0738
KS is the alpha SPA will use to indicate billing via IFV to another State of Kansas agency
0738 - we just used the last four digits of the FRS number for conversion purposes. In some cases this creates a duplicate award number, however, so we have been forced to vary from this slightly for a few accounts

Assigning numbers after “go-live”:
The SPA Office will continue to assign both the Projects numbers and Awards numbers to all new sponsored projects. The numeric portion of the Projects and Awards numbers will simply be assigned in sequential order as they are processed in our office (we still have to make sure the entire number including the leading alphas is unique, etc.).
As an example, a sponsored project for Physics might look like this:

Projects Number: GOPY000024
Awards Number: NS0006
(NS is SPA’s invoicing alpha for National Science Foundation)

The one variation will be the AES sponsored projects (all projects that must be processed through the AES Business Office). The numeric portion of the Projects numbers for those will be in the range of 600000 to 799999. For example, if the Dept. of Diagnostic Medicine in Veterinary Medicine has an AES sponsored project, the numbers might look something like this:

Projects Number: GVDM600056
Awards Number: BG0002
(BG is SPA’s invoicing alpha for standard sponsor billings)

Separate numbers for each subcontract will also be assigned by the SPA Office. The information needed to set up these accounts in the system will not be available until the subcontract has been fully processed, however. Projects numbers for those will be added to the Award once the subcontract is processed and you will be notified of those numbers as they are assigned.

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