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All acquisitions with a commitment of $10,000 or greater and/or having a commitment term of one year or more must follow competitive solicitation policies and procedures. Purchases of IT Software involving data exchange, credit card payments, or business outside the U.S., regardless of amount, should be submitted through the CLM Request process. Appropriate solicitation processes utilize either a formal competitive solicitation or a simplified solicitation based on purchase amount and delegated solicitation authority by the department. See competitive solicitation, simplified solicitation, and waiver of solicitation for more details.

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Competitive Solicitation

Unless purchased from an approved contract vendor, all purchase commitments to a vendor totaling $10,000 or greater in a one-year period must be purchased competitively.

Solicitation Guidelines
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Simplified Solicitation

This delegation is ideal for low-risk commodity purchases with clearly stated quantities and specifications. All simplified solicitation requests must utilize the CLM.

Simplified Solicitation Steps
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Waiver of Solicitation

Learn more about the criteria a solicitation must meet for the purchase to be considered exempt from competitive solicitation requirements.


Waiver Requirements