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Listed below are items currently on Kansas State University approved contracts or available from the State Use Catalog (Blind & Severely Disabled Made Products). These items are to be purchased from the appropriate sources, e.g. contract vendor, KSU department, or state agency. Purchases of contract items from sources other than these listed may become the personal responsibility of the individual authorizing the purchase. Information on any of the contract items are available in the KSU Purchasing Office, 2323 Anderson Ave., Suite 500, (785) 532-6214, kspurch@k-state.edu. 

Refer to Policies and Procedures Manual for information on the appropriate purchasing procedure for items not covered by established contracts.

Required Purchases from State Use Vendors

Envision: Writing Utensils, Plastic Bags, Soaps & Sanitizers, Cleaning Towels, Biohazard Clean-Up Kits

KETCH: Air Filters, Safety Glasses, Safety Products

Items available directly from the vendors, the State Use website (http://www.ksstateuse.org) or the Staples Advantage website (http://www.staplesadvantage.com).  

**If you are working from home, to access Contracts, you must be on the VPN (Global Protect).  If you have not installed it yet please visit the K-State homepage (www.ksu.edu) and search for VPN.  The item that starts with ‘Knowledge---’ is the item you should pick and it will provide the download site and instructions.**

Contracts (opens in a new window)

Other Sources

K-State Software Licenses

State Use Catalog

Kansas Correctional Industries

K-State Surplus Property

State of Kansas Surplus Property

Federal Surplus Property

State of Kansas Procurement Contract List (add SOK before the contract number when using on APVs)

Reminder: If you are installing modular furniture, buying carpet, painting, etc., you must work with Facilities. Contact Campus Planning at 785-532-6389 for assistance.