Kansas State University's W-9

What is the purpose of a W-9?

Individuals and entities use the form W-9 to report the taxpayer identification number and official address on file with the Internal Revenue Service. The information is used to prepare 1099-MISC forms at the end of the year, and as a result this information must remain accurate and uniform across campus. The address listed on a W-9 does NOT reflect the remit to address, therefore the remit to address should be provided to the vendor in another manner. See the steps below on how to establish a remit to address with your vendor.

How to establish a remit address?

Contact Megan Webb in Sponsored Programs Accounting if the money being received is grant-related.

In the event that you would like a customer to send a check to your department, please provide a letter to the customer to encourage them to set your department up as a remit to address in their system. The remit to address can be different than the official address noted on the IRS form W-9.

W-9 Cover Letter to Establish Remit to Address


How to set up ACH payments with a paying vendor

Contact Michelle Dawson in Cashiers for instructions on how to receive payment from a customer via ACH.

Kansas State University's Office W-9

The above W-9 applies to Kansas State University and all of its departments.