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EFT (Direct Deposit) is the preferred method of refund for Kansas State University. It is the quickest and safest way to receive money that is due to you. If you are not signed up for EFT a refund check will be made available to you. Here are the current refund dates for Fall 2019.  

EFT (Direct Deposit to a Bank Account)

Refunds are processed daily based on Student Account activity.  The University does not accept prepayment or hold payments, therefore, each day if there is a credit balance (the University owes the student) a refund is processed.  EFT’s are transmitted daily.  Typically, the EFT refund will take 2-3 days from the time we process a refund until the money appears in your account. Please note! We have no control over when your bank makes the money available to you after it’s been submitted to your bank.  Always verify the funds have been credited to your account before you initiate transactions against the deposit.

Students can sign up for direct deposit by going to their Student Center from within KSIS (same place you go to view your eBills, sign up for the payment plan and make payments online).  This can all be done online without the need for submitting a voided check.  A tutorial on how to sign up for the EFT refund can be found here.

Paper Check Refunds

Paper check refunds are printed once per week.  If the credit on the student account has been posted by Tuesday at 1:30 pm, the paper check will be available on Thursday in the Cashier’s Office by 8:00 AM.  If the credit is posted after 1:30 pm, the check would not be available until the second Thursday.  If checks are not picked up on the Thursday as designated, the check will be mailed to the KSIS address of record at the end of the day on Thursday.

Direct Deposit for Parent Plus Loans

Parents can have Parent Plus Loan refunds deposited directly to their bank by completing the form at the link above and submitting a voided check.

Release of Parent Check to Student

Provides the option to have the Parent Plus Loan refund check available for pickup by the student.

Please Note!

Any refund that is a result of an overpayment by non-certified funds (personal check, etc.), will be held for 15 business days before the refund is processed. Refunds that are a result of dropped classes will not be processed until after the 20th day of classes.