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Deferments are granted to students who have met certain guidelines as authorized by the Kansas Board of Regents.  Deferments provide eligible students with additional time to pay for their tuition and fees.

There are four authorized deferment categories.  They include:

Financial Aid –This is granted to students who have met all financial aid application requirements and whose awards have been made by the June packaging date, but whose aid has not been disbursed.  The student must pay any amount of tuition and fees over and above the pending financial aid award.  These deferments will be administered by SFA.  They will be of standard length (see due dates below) however,  these students may request a hardship deferment and if SFA deems the request legitimate they will notify the Cashiers Office who will process an additional 30 days.

Military Veterans –This will be granted to students who are eligible to receive monthly benefits from the US Government. These deferments will be administered by SFA. All Military Veterans will receive a hardship deferment (additional 30 days).

Graduate Students on Assistantship –Granted to those students who are employed in a Research or Teaching assistantship and will be receiving a University paycheck. These deferments will be administered by the Cashiers Office and the student will receive a hardship deferment

International Students-Granted to those students awaiting funds from their home country. These deferments will be administered by Cashiers Office and will be of standard term.

Payment Due dates:
Standard Deferment – September 15th (Fall), February 15th (Spring) and July 15th (Summer)
Hardship Deferment – October 15th(Fall), March 15th(Spring). No Hardship deferment for summer terms.
Note – Deferments are granted for one semester only. Applications must be made for each semester desired.

Deferment FAQ’s
Deferment Request Form
(Form is for Grad Students and International Students Only. Form can be e-mailed to the correct office)