Repayment Plan

Inactive Student Payment Plan Information

The university offers an interest-free repayment plan for outstanding balances. There is a onetime, non- refundable enrollment fee determined by the length of your plan that is due with the application. No interest or late fees are assessed while you are actively making your plan payments. If your plan becomes 60 days delinquent, you will be removed from the repayment plan at which point late fees will be assessed monthly and your account will again be eligible for collections. The plan will not allow for reenrollment or release of transcript or diploma until the total account balance is paid in full. If you are mailing this form please address it to: KSU, Attn: Cashier’s and Student Accounts, 211 Anderson Hall, 919 Mid-Campus Dr. North, Manhattan, KS 66506. Payable to KSU.

Repayment Plan Application (PDF)

Viewing Your Repayment Plan

Step 1: Sign in to KSISwith your eID and password.

Step 2: From the Student Homepage, click on Student Center.
center center panel

Step 3: On the left side of the screen, beneath Finances, scroll down to the dropdown menu and select View/Enroll Repayment Plans.
the View/Enroll in Repayment plan drop down

Step 4:
The next screen shows your updated balances and due dates.
a repayment and due dates page