Late Fees

Default Charge Policy

The university assesses a default charge of 1.5% to past due accounts by the approval of the Kansas Board of Regents. Only extreme instances with documented proof of illness, accident, injury, or other situation preventing payment warrant waiver consideration. Please submit Petition for Default Charge Fee Waivers forms to the Default Charge Waiver Committee by fax, mail, or in-person at the Cashier’s Office at 211 Anderson Hall. Cashier’s Office staff cannot discuss the details of these requests. The Default Charge Waiver Committee will notify students of the ruling of their waiver requests via email following committee meeting and review.

Late Enrollment Fee Policy

Initial enrollment on or after the first day of any term results in a Late Enrollment Fee of $65. The fee does not apply when adding additional courses to an existing enrollment. This fee is only subject to refund when unique circumstances arise, warranting submission of a waiver to the Default Charge Waiver Committee.

Federal Aid

Title IV aid will not pay default charges (aka late fees) such as late enrollment, student collection fees, uncollectible check fees, ESL late fees, etc. The Department of Education will allow federal student aid to pay late fees on library or parking fines, as these are fines related to a student's Cost of Attendance.

Should you receive a refund and still owe a balance, these are likely charges that federal aid is no longer permitted to pay.