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Faculty Senate

Academic Affairs Committee of the Faculty Senate 2019-2020 Members

Teresa Douthit, Agriculture
Michael McGlynn, Architecture, Planning, and Design
Scott Tanona, Arts and Sciences
Mark Linville, Business Administration
J. Spencer Clark, Education
Todd Easton, Engineering (Co-Chair)
Ignacio Ciampitti, Extension
Jason Maseberg-Tomlinson, General University  Alternate: Sara Blankley
Phillip Vardiman, Health and Human Sciences
Carol Sevin, K-State Libraries
Don Von Bergen, Technology & Aviation, K-State Polytechnic (Co-Chair)
Kelli Almes, Veterinary Medicine  Alternate: Mary Lynn Higginbotham
Alex Hornung, Student representative

Non-voting Attendees:
Shannon Castleberry, Liaison for the Registrar
Brian Niehoff, Liaison for the Provost