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Division of Facilities

Shipping Label 

This label can be ordered through Printing Services and is the equivalent to the Central Mail Services Information Sheet. Your department's return address should be printed on the label. A tracking number is not retained with these labels.


About this Label:

- Barcode - Indicates your departmental meter account code. CMS scans the barcode into our accounting system, thus avoiding human error on account numbers.

- Return Address - Indicates your official departmental return address along with your departmental meter account number. This is to indicate who to return the package in the case of a returned package.

- Domestic mail and International mail check boxes - Please check the appropriate one. Note that all international mail packages require a customs form.

- Contents - In this space write in or type the contents of the package. This field is required for all packages.

- Mail Services - These check boxes are for designating the particular service to be used for shipping.

  • First Class under 13 oz. - This is used for packages under 13 ounces in weight.
  • Priority over 13 oz - This is used for packages over 13 ounces.
  • Express Mail 1-2 day - This is a 1 to 2 day service provided by the USPS.
  • FedEx, overnight - When checking the FedEx box, be sure to designate in the Special Services field AM or PM Delivery.
  • UPS - For all packages to be shipped United Parcel Service (UPS) Ground.
  • Media (restrictions apply) - Media restrictions are listed on the "other services" web page. Click here for that information. This service cannot be used with international shipping.
  • Parcel Post - This service is for any type of mail and is the USPS economy service for heavy packages. This service cannot be used with international shipping.

- Special Services - This area is for any additional services.

  • Insure for - Please designate the amount to insure.
  • AM Deliver/ PM Delivery - Please check one with FedEx Overnight services.
  • Other (Please Specify) - This field is for any additional services that may be needed and are not listed such as, UPS second day air etc.

If appropriate boxes are not filled in, Central Mail Services will ship at the most cost effective method.