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Commercial Base Pricing

Kansas State University now qualifies to ship through the USPS using the Commercial Base Pricing (CBP). Before, the rates used have been the USPS' retail rates. The commercial base rates are cheaper than the retail rates. The services that are available to be shipped Commercial are the parcel services such as Priority and Express Mail. This does not include the cost of first class letters & other USPS services. Central Mail Services will be taking the initiative to continue to ship your packages using the most cost effective and time effective method. Be advised that when you ship personal mail at the KSU Contract Postal Unit you will be charged by the retail rates. You must be shipping through Central Mail Services to take advantage of these rates.

Commercial base pricing applies for domestic (within the United States) Priority and Express Mail only. For International Air Mail rates see Priority Mail or Express Mail.

If you have any questions about pricing or options, please call Central Mail Services at 785-532-7751.