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Division of Facilities

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Division of Facilities
Kansas State University
106 Power Plant
1100 N Martin Luther
King Jr Drive
Manhattan, KS 66506-0903

Service Desk

Building Signage related to COVID-19

The Division of Facilities will order and install the following signage in public spaces. Departments interested in ordering additional signage for their spaces can do so via University Printing

Sign Type Images (pdf)  
5 x 7 signs  

Sign Type


Face masks required

All exterior doors and in all classrooms


Building entries and classrooms with more than one entry point

Not an entrance

Building entries and classrooms with more than one entry point


Exit doors to direct traffic flow during entry/exit

Keep to your right

2-way stairs/ramps

Up only

Stair case – one directional

Down only

Stair case – one directional


Above elevator call buttons

Please limit occupancy

Public areas with seating or holding area for class change

Maximum Occupancy 50

Public areas i.e., Library, College of Business, Nichols Hall lobby

8.375 x 10.875 signs              

Sign Type


6 ft physical distancing

Public corridors/lobbies (departments responsible for offices/suites)

Restroom – wait in hallway

Entry door to restroom

Wash hands for 20 seconds

Near sinks in restroom – 1 sign per restroom

Wash hands frequently

Near sinks in restroom – 1 sign per restroom

Stay home if you are ill

Near Facilities provided hand sanitizer locations at public entries.


Questions regarding this signage please contact FacCampusPlanning@ksu.edu.


Construction and traffic info

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Facilities is here to serve you. From providing Room requests to Disposal of Property to Repairing a Light, we offer many solutions for you.

Most issues can be resolved by filling out a request form or calling Customer Services at

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