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Division of Facilities

Division of Facilities
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Facilities Storeroom COVID-related Sanitation Supplies

Is your department in need of face masks, hand sanitizer or other sanitation supplies relevant to COVID-19? If so, the Division of Facilities Storeroom is ready to be of assistance. We have already researched and found options for these supplies. 

Economy of scale allows us to provide you the best pricing and avoids longer lead times for delivery. Advance ordering is recommended. We are also waiving our usual service fee so that you will be getting the supplies at our cost.

Order using the COVID-19 Products and Supplies PDF Request Form.

Please order the amount of each item that you estimate you will need for a three-month period. Complete the form and send it to storeroom@ksu.edu. For current pricing or other questions, Shannon may be reached at 785-532-2049.

Additionally, if your department needs to acquire specialized equipment due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Financial Operations has created a list of vendors that may be useful in determining where to purchase these items. An eID and password is required to access the list. Contact Memory Buffington at mbuffing@k-state.edu or 785-532-1845 if you have questions about the vendor list. To ensure that what you are ordering meets safety specifications, contact Christina Aguilera with Environmental Health and Safety at cmaguilera@k-state.edu or 785-532-5856.

Mask Examples (Contact Shannon Ruder for current pricing):

Disposable Medical Mask

NonMedical Disposable