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Personal Websites Discontinued

Notice: As of 8/31/21 The personal website service was discontinued

IT recommends faculty and staff publish relevant content, including bios, curriculum vitae, and research information on their academic or administrative unit’s website within the Content Management System (CMS). Every department/unit on campus using the CMS has a workflow/approval process, based on unit-level decisions, to allow those in their unit to access and post content. Please contact your web manager for the best option on moving K-State-related content to the CMS. Training is required before being granted access to the CMS. For information on training, see the CMS training website.

For personal content, K-Staters can use free blogging or commercial web hosting services.

Notice 1 (6/2/21) - https://blogs.k-state.edu/it-news/2021/06/02/personal-webpage-services-to-be-retired-august-31/

Notice 2 (8/17/21) - https://blogs.k-state.edu/it-news/2021/08/17/reminder-personal-webpage-services-to-be-retired-august-31/