Recognize our everyday heroes


Unsung Hero 

This award recognizes a "behind-the-scenes" individual who consistently and effectively performs his/her duties in a manner that enhances the work environment for others. They go  above and beyond their job responsibilities to support the mission of their department and the Division, yet they seem to never openly seek recognition or credit.    

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Innovator of the Year 

This award recognizes a group or individual staff member that utilized a creative approach to advance the work of Enrollment Management. This group or individual has shown initiative to innovate and create solutions to address a gap or need within their department or the Unit. 

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Friend of the Division

This award recognizes an individual or group outside  of  Enrollment Management whose extraordinary contributions have furthered the goals of the strategic Enrollment Plan. This individual or group will have made a positive influence on Enrollment Management and KSU, that continue to motivate and encourage us for years to come.  

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Collaborators of the Year 

This award  recognizes a group of individuals who have worked collaboratively to solve a problem or advance the work of  Enrollment Management. (Committee, Task Force or Team, etc)   

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Student of the Year 

Presented to the student who has  gone above and beyond their job duties through selfless acts of leadership.  Their performance reflects dedication to Enrollment Management and KSU.  

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Leader of the Year 

EM will use this award to recognize management as these individuals are typically not recognized for the work they do.  This candidate demonstrates a commitment to leadership, while displaying an overarching dedication  to the campus community.  

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