Delivering on the Promise

Elevating K-State's extension and engagement efforts.

At K-State, we're integrating engagement across all we do so we can deliver our promise to help each and every Kansan. That's why we're holding 84 statewide conversations, led by K-State Research and Extension and Office of Engagement and hosted by local K-State Research and Extension units, with stakeholders and community members to listen to their concerns and aspirations and explore how K-State can cater to them through enhanced extension and engagement programs.

See the schedule for each of the 84 conversations.

January and February

- Project planning meetings.
- Communicate process internally.


- Choose stakeholder conversation sites.
- Facilitation prep.
- Delivering on the Promise Advisory Team meeting.

April and May

- Stakeholder conversations facilitated.


- Statewide groups facilitated.
- Delivering on the Promise Advisory Team meeting.

July and August

- Develop and refine insights and recommendations.
- Create structure for final reports for university audiences.
- Follow up with participants.


- Engage K-State Research and Extension professionals.

Big ideas:

Bridging the Gap
How we can bridge university, on-campus resources with boots-on-the-ground community needs through effective communication, partnerships, funding and talent.
Unique Needs
How programming and services for each area K-State serves, both urban and rural, look relevant and meaningful to that community - whether that be community vitality, economic prosperity and innovative education and trainings opportunities.
Interconnected Problems
How we can solve mutliple interconnected community problems at one time - such as access to healthcare, childcare, affordable and safe housing and talent to fill critical roles.
Check back for more big ideas as the conversations take place!