K-State Veterinary Medicine - Kabul University Vet Clinic Partnership

Contact: Dr. David Hodgson, hodgson@vet.ksu.edu


vetmedafghanFrom 2007 through 2011 K-State veterinarians have worked with Kabul University, Faculty of Veterinary Science, and the Kabul University Veterinary Clinic to help develop the medical and diagnostic skills of Afghan faculty, staff and veterinary students. Dr. David Hodgson has been instrumental in this program's success. In 2007 he spent six months at Kabul University through a USAID grant and has been funded annually for trips of two months duration. Along with the contribution of learning resources and teaching aids, the K-State College of Veterinary Medicine has donated medical equipment, textbooks, stethoscopes and supplies that are readily available in Manhattan, KS, but sorely needed at Kabul University.

Program Partners:

USAID, Purdue University, the Advancing Afghan Agriculture Alliance program and Sustaining Afghanistan Agriculture Faculties, Kabul University Vet Clinic

Institutional Impact Area(s):

K-State College of Veterinary Medicine


Afghan faculty, staff, and veterinary students


Animal Health, College of Veterinary Medicine