Food Science Institute

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fsiThe Food Science Institute facilitates training of traditional and nontraditional undergraduate and graduate students; supports basic and applied research initiatives; and provides technical and scientific information to consumers, the food industry, and governmental agencies. The Food Science Institute operates in an integrated network that enhances academic and industry cooperation and synergism. Additionally, the Institute collaborates with consumer, industry, and governmental groups regarding food-related issues through teaching, research, extension, and outreach programs, and provides a comprehensive educational experience for traditional and nontraditional undergraduate and graduate students that ensures scientific and technical competencies.


Food Science Institute

Institutional Impact Area(s):

K-State College of Agriculture; K-State College of Arts and Sciences; K-State College of Engineering; K-State College of Human Ecology; K-State College of Veterinary Medicine; K-State Research and Extension; K-State Graduate School; K-State Division of Continuing Education


Food science professionals and students


Food and Fiber Production and Safety; College of Agriculture