Big 12 Engineering Consortium

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enggThe Big 12 Engineering Consortium was established as a means to increase access to engineering courses in high demand areas. In response to the industry need for more engineers who "speak" nuclear, the multi-state alliance is currently offering fully online courses in nuclear engineering. Each institution brings a unique strength to the multi-institution course-sharing program. Through the Big 12 Engineering Consortium, students can enroll at one university to take courses from the best faculty in the discipline from across the Big 12. Big 12 students can gain valuable engineering education, making them more valuable to many employers. Big 12 graduates have more diverse backgrounds and are equipped to address related societal issues. Students also learn enough about the engineering fields to consider entering graduate school. The Big 12 faculty are currently developing graduate-level programs in energy systems and water resources.


Mechanical and Nuclear Big 12 Engineering Consortium

Program Partners:

AmerenUE; Burns & McDonnell; Nebraska Public Power District; Omaha Public Power District; Westinghouse; Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Corporation; U.S. Department of Energy; U.S. Department of Education; U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Institutional Impact Area(s):

Managing partner: K-State Consortium members: Baylor University; Iowa State University; Oklahoma State University; Texas A&M University; Texas Tech University; The University of Texas at Austin; The University of Texas - Pan American; University of Kansas; University of Missouri; University of Nebraska-Lincoln; University of Oklahoma


Undergraduate students in nuclear engineering


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