Chemistry demonstration shows

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chemThe Demonstration Shows expose children to science, and spark their interest in chemistry through hands-on experience. The Demonstrations also work to illustrate the practicality of modern chemistry. Alpha Chi Sigma is the primary vehicle for chemistry outreach within and outside the university. Chemistry shows are performed annually for K-State's All University Open House. Shows are conducted in conjunction with New Student Services to groups of prospective K-State students. Additionally, chemistry shows are put on at the local mall during the National Chemistry Week.


Chemistry Demonstration Shows

Program Partners:

Kansas school districts; Boy Scouts; Girl Guides

Institutional Impact Area(s):

Alpha Chi Sigma (AXE) in the K-State Dept. of Chemistry New Student Services, Girls Researching Our World (GROW), Women in Engineering & Science Program (WESP), American Chemical Society (ACS)


Kansas students


Cultural Institutions and Programs; Education, Pre-Kindergarten through 12th Grade; Science and Technology; College of Arts and Sciences;