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The Beef Cattle Institute was founded in 2007 with initial funding awarded by the Targeted Excellence Initiative at K-State. The purpose of the Beef Cattle Institute is to create a collaborative environment at K-State to tackle today's and tomorrow's issues facing the beef industry through education, research and outreach. This institute works to enhance the education and the value of the degrees of K-State students, increase information access and training opportunities for people working in the beef industry today through research and practical engagement, and improve the cultural and intellectual diversity of our student body. The goal of the Beef Cattle Institute is to provide beef producers with the most current education, research and outreach available, and to provide educational tools and outreach opportunities through online resources and annual issues meetings that address current topics to engage and support a welfare-centered, economically sustainable, and environmentally responsible beef industry in its mission to produce safe and wholesome beef products.


Beef Cattle Institute

Program Partners:

Academy of Veterinary Consultants; American Association of Bovine Practitioners; AVMA; Kansas Farm Bureau; Kansas Livestock Association; Kansas Veterinary Medical Association; National Cattlemen's Beef Association

Institutional Impact Area(s):

K-State College of Veterinary Medicine


Beef produces and other members of the beef industry


Animal Health; K-State College of Veterinary Medicine