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English Language Program

Immersion in Language and Culture (4 Weeks)

Come on an F1 visa, enroll as a K-State student, and enjoy all of the privileges of student services and activities including the ELP Tutoring CenterInternational Technology CommonsK-State Recreation CenterHale LibraryInternational Student and Scholar Services, and more.

In addition to classes, you will take part in field trips to explore the culture and lifestyle of Manhattan, Kansas, the home of Kansas State University, and surrounding areas. 

Choose the level that fits your needs. Each program is 6 credit hours. 

Beginning English - Communication and Culture

This program consists of two courses: Integrated English Skills and Culture and Communication.

  • Learn basic English vocabulary and grammar needed for everyday communication.
  • Practice speaking and listening skills while learning about and discussing American culture and topics related to people, culture, hobbies, food, agriculture, and geography. 
  • No test scores are required for admission. We recommend this program for students with beginning English skills in the ranges below.
Suggested Level34 - 394.0 - 4.5A1 - A2

Brochure (pdf)

Intermediate English - American Culture through Film

This program consists of three courses:  Speaking & Listening, Reading & Vocabulary, and Grammar & Writing.

  • Improve your English through watching films, discussing, and reading about various aspects of U.S. history, culture, and values.
  • Short trips to local sites of cultural and historical significance support your learning in the classroom. 
  • No test scores are required for admission. English skills in this range are needed for full participation. 
Suggested Level40 - 555.0 - 5.5A2 - B1

Brochure (pdf)

Advanced English - Professional Communication Institute

Enroll in Advanced Integrated Skills, which focuses on professional writing and communication. In addition, choose the advanced writing course that best meets your needs: Research Writing, Business Communication, or Technical Communication. 
  • No test scores are required for admission. English skills in this range are needed for full participation. 
Suggested Level56 - 876.0 - 7.0B1 - B2

Brochure (pdf) 

4-Week Calendar - Summer 2018

 Arrival / Housing check-inJuly 15, 2018
 Campus tourJuly 16, 2018
 Enrollment - Classes beginJuly 17, 2018
 Last day of classesAugust 10, 2018
 Depart August 11, 2018

4-Week Cost - Summer 2018

Coordination (application, registration, MHK airport transportation, events)$224.00
 Tuition, fees, health insurance$4,881.00
 Housing/meals $1,026.00
 Total estimated costs$6,131.00