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English Language Program

English Proficiency Test (WildCAT English Test) Online

New students must show English Proficiency to begin university classes. You can do this with passing scores on an accepted standardized language test (for example: iBT, IELTS, etc.). If you do not have passing English test scores, you will take the English Proficiency Test (EPT) when you arrive on campus. An online test is available to take before you arrive. 

Depending upon scores and admission status, students are placed in full-time intensive English classes, part-time English and academic classes, or full-time academic classes. See university standards for undergraduate or graduate students.

Tech Requirements for the WildCAT English Test

To take the test online, you must have everything listed below.


  • Smartphone with internet access and a functioning camera.
  • a desktop or a laptop computer (you will need to type an essay.)
  • Download web lock browser.  
  • An internet speed of 2 Mbps:  
  • Zoom video conferencing app.

After registering for the test, you will get more information about the tech requirements. 

Please contact elpwildcat@ksu.edu with any questions or problems with these tech requirements.

Please do not worry, if you do not meet these requirements; you may always test once you arrive on campus. 

About the Test
Test expectations:

This is a small group testing experience that is live proctored. Since it is a live proctored test, if you have any issues, there will be someone to help you. We will give you a testing date and time once you have registered. 

The WildCAT English Test consists of the following parts:
Essay – 35 minutes
  • On campus: you have a choice to do the essay on the computer or with paper and pencil (this option is not currently available)
  • Online: you write your essay on the computer
WildCAT Test
  • Structure (grammar)
  • Reading / Vocabulary
  • Listening

The WildCAT is a computer adaptive test. The questions that you get will change according to your level.  If you miss a question, you get an easier question.  If you get a question correct, you get a more difficult question. You get questions until we accurately know your level of English. You may get up to 25 questions in each skill area or you may get fewer.

Register for the Test

Step 1: To register for this test, you must first submit an application to Kansas State University. If you have not applied and want to, please visit our Step-by step international student guide to apply. 

Step 2: To register for the test, please fill out this Registration Form

Note: For Spring 2021 we are waiving the test fee for admitted students. Starting March 1, 2021 you will have to pay before taking the test.  

If you have any questions email elpwildcat@ksu.edu.

What to Expect after Registering

The WildCAT-101 Orientation will show you sample questions and provide you with detailed modules. Please be sure to complete this mini course, so you are ready to take the test. 

After the Test
WildCAT English Test Scores 

You will receive an email at your K-State email address from elp@k-state.edu with your test scores within 3 business days after your test date.

This email will contain: 

  • Your test scores.
  • Your placement into English and/or academic classes at Kansas State University. 
  • The opportunity to register for a live meeting to talk about your results with an ELP Advisor. 
  • Information about enrolling in classes at Kansas State University.