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English Language Program

Observation, Research, and Practicum Requests

The primary mission of the English Language Program is to provide the best instruction possible to students. Another aspect of the ELP’s mission is to support graduate programs and students in their studies and research.   The ELP allows reasonable access to ELP students for the purposes of teacher research. This access is generally limited to Kansas State University faculty and students. The presence of outsiders in ELP classes must be accomplished in such a way that it does not detract from instruction.

All arrangements for outside observers, researchers, or teachers in ELP classes should be made through the ELP administration. Please do not approach ELP faculty members individually for permission to participate in their classes.

 Observation Requests 

If you would like permission to observe an ELP class(es), please complete the request form (word) and bring it to the ELP office (Fairchild 205) or email it as an attachment to the ELP (elp@ksu.edu). Completing the observation request well in advance of the anticipated observation date makes it more likely that the ELP will be able to accommodate your request. Observation requests are not designed to include activities such as reviewing student work, participating in (auditing) an ELP class, or formal interviews of ELP students or instructors.

If your observation is approved, please review our classroom observation etiquette guidelines prior to the observation.

Please direct any questions about observing ELP classes to the ELP (elp@ksu.edu) rather than to individual faculty members. 

 Research Requests

If you would like to conduct research in conjunction with the ELP, please contact the ELP (elp@ksu.edu) to request permission.

All research involving human subjects must be approved by the Institutional Review Board (IRB) at Kansas State University. If you intend to conduct research involving human subjects in the ELP, the ELP recommends that you request permission for the project from the ELP prior to submitting your proposal to the IRB for approval. 

 Practicum Requests

Students in K-State’s M.A. program in Second Language Acquisition: Teaching English as a Foreign Language conduct a practicum in ELP classes as part of their enrollment in MLANG 803 (Practicum in Adult TESL/TEFL: Oral Communication) and MLANG 804 (Practicum in Adult TESL/TEFL: Written Communication). The ELP prefers that anyone interested in conducting a practicum in the ELP complete the practicum by enrolling in MLANG 803/804.

If your program of study requires a practicum of a different sort, please contact the ELP (kreppert@ksu.edu) to request permission. The ELP may or may not be able to accommodate practicum requests outside of those conducted through MLANG 803/804. The ELP does not allow individuals who are not students at Kansas State University to conduct practica in ELP classes.