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SGA Elections

Student Governing Association

Office of Student Activities and Services
809 K-State Student Union
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506


2016 SGA Election Results

General Results

Jessica Van Ranken / Trenton Kennedy206656.49%
Michael Emley / Lindy Bilberry159143.51%

Full PDF Version of All Results

Primary Runoff Results

Jessica Van Ranken / Trenton Kennedy*89150.06 %
Michael Emley / Lindy Bilberry*77243.37 %
Robert Sharp / Sam Hughes1176.57 %

*Advances to the general election

2016 Primary Runoff Results (pdf)

Primary Results

Jessica Van Ranken / Trenton Kennedy*139572.85 %
Robert Sharp / Sam Hughes*26413.79 %
Michael Emley / Linda Bilberry**1879.77 %
Jackson Wingert / Hayden Guetterman**211.1 %
Neal Adams / Christopher Leonard**5.26 %
Shane Torrey / William Patterson**4.21 %
Joseph Haug / Eric Huerter**2.1 %

There was a runoff between the top three candidates to determine who advanced to the general election due to a contest of the results.
**Write in candidates

2016 Primary Results (pdf)