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Economics Club

Economics Department
Kansas State University
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Manhattan, KS 66506
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Past Lectures


September 14, Shoshana Weissmann, R Street Institute - "Occupational Licensing"

September 21, Tim Fitzgerald, Go Powercat, Vahe Gregorian, KC Start, and Andrew Maness, Rho Al - "College Sports Roundtable" 

October 2, David Figlio, Northwestern Univeristy, and Miguel Urquiola, Columbia University - "School Choice" 


September 26, Daniel Kuester, PhD - "Common Economics Themes Found in 'The Office'"


January 29, Mark Bayles, J.D. and Maria Arias, Senior Associate Data Specialist both from the St. Louis Fed - "FREDCAST and Current Economic Outlook."

February 7, FJayson Lusk, Ph.D. from Purdue University, “A Discussion about the Food Police” in this years Series on Economic Prosperity.

February 21, David Stetler, President and Founder of gave this year's Regnier Lecture on Entrepreneurship.

April 29, Charity-Joy Acchiardo, PhD - University of Arizona spoke in this year's Series on Economic Prosperity.

September 13, Alison Felix, VP and Denver Branch Executive of the Kansas City Federal Reserve. – "A Current Economic Forecast and Discussion of the Role of the Fed."

October 4, Tom Hemmer – CEO of Solomon Corporation – “A Study of Recent Changes in the Energy Industry”

October 16, Alex Williams – President and CEO of Halstead Bank – “Reflections on a banking career in Halstead, KS. with stops in London and Washington D.C.”

November 29-December 1, Annual Field Trip Chicago/Milwaukee — we will visit Epsilon Economics, IDEO Economics, The Applied Research Company, The Federal Reserve in Chicago, and with executives from the Milwaukee Bucks basketball organization.  

Non-Econ Club Event accessible to the general public –

Joe Tiao Lecture – Wednesday, August 29 at 630 PM in Regnier Forum

Ed Lazear – Stanford – “The U.S. Economy – New Policy, New Growth?”


April 30, Annual Debate- Kevin Sabet, President of Smart Approaches for Marijuana and Trevor Burrus, Managing Editor of the Cato Supreme Court Review - "Is Drug Legalization the Answer to America's Drug Problem?"

April 12, Andrew Jones, Senior Legal Counsel at Money Gram International- "The Economics of Mergers, Acquisitions, and Law"

April 10, Sarah Henderson, AETNA- “Using Skills Developed as an Economics Major in Actuarial Science"

February 22, Mark Wagner, Data Scientist at Sprint - Kansas City- “Exploring Job Opportunities in Data Analytics”

January 23, Dr. Hugh Cassidy and Dr. Amanda Gaulke, Kansas State University Economics Faculty- “Conducting and Exploring Meaningful Research Projects in Economics”

Daniel Kuester, Kansas State University Economics Faculty- “Measuring the Marginal Impact of Major College Football Programs on Television Viewership”

October 12, Brandon Blagg, Milwaukee Bucks- "Opportunities in Sports Economics"

September 29, Jennifer Tomlinson, TradeBot CFO- “Beating Wall Street from Kansas City!”

September 21, Dirk Mateer, University of San Diego- "The Five Foundations of Economics"

September 18, Dean Karlan, Northwestern University- "Pragmatic Optimism in the Fight Against Poverty: Lessons From Economic and Behavioral Interventions"

September 14, Shawna Smith and Lindsay Sunderman, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City- "Opportunities at the Federal Reserve"


February 2, Mike Oldfather, Kansas State University Economics Emeritus Faculty- “Oldfather’s Guide to Personal Finance.”

January 26, David R. Henderson, Hoover Institution- "Economic Inequality: Popular Misconceptions and Important Facts.”

November 17, Bryan Riley, Senior Policy Analyst at The Heritage Foundation- “What do the Election Results mean for Economic Freedom”

October 24, Bob Regnier, President and CEO, Bank of Blue Valley- “Reflections on ‘The Great Recession’ and Bank of Blue Valley’s Response”

September 8, Tom Cook, General Manager of Harrah’s North Kansas City- “How I used Economics in my Career, and Leadership Advice I wish I had Learned Earlier”

2015 - 2016

Gavin Koester and Kendall Clawson- “Job and Internship Possibilities at Koch Industries”

R. Lee Harris- President Cohen-Esrey Real Estate Services LLC- “Dynamic Decision Making in Apartment Investing”

Andrew Maness of Pit Rho Consulting (formerly the Richmond FED)- “Understanding Multimedia Rights Fees in Sports”

Ryan Clark, Assistant VP, State Street Global Services – “Career Opportunities at State Street”

Don Boudreaux, George Mason University --“Is America’s Middle Class Stagnating?”

Katie Gustafson from The Global Trade Practice at Ernst and Young - “A Primer in International Trade and Customs”

2014 - 2015

Tom Hemmer, CEO of Solomon Corporation

Bryan Riley, Senior Policy Analyst at the Heritage Foundation, ““Understanding the Effects of Policies Promoting Free Trade”

Kevin McBeth, Associate Actuary at Crum and Forster, “The Leveraged Effects of Inflation”

Dennis Dautel, CEO of Landscapes USA

Brad Edwards, Edward Jones and Tim Weddle of Keating and Associates, who spoke to the club about financial advising

Katherine Stocks, Legal Associate at Goldblatt, Martin and Pozen

Robert Litan of the Brookings Institute, “Economists are More Important Than You May Think!”


February 12, Dr. Lloyd Thomas, Kansas State University - "The Great Financial Crisis: Causes and Consequences"

March 10, Eric Weddle, Blue Ridge Partners 

April 17, Mark Thoma, University of Washington & Steve Williamson, Washington University - Debate: "Did the Fed Get it Right? A Discussion on Monetary Policy and the Great Recession"


January 28, Dr. Dennis Weisman, Kansas State University - "Race Based Preferences in College Admissions"

March 7, Lisa Taylor, Kansas City Federal Reserve - " An Economic Outlook from Kansas City Federal Reserve"

March 26, Woody Bendle, Payless Shoe Source - "Economic Applications for Today's Businesses"

April 14, Jim Self, University of Indiana - "Misunderstanding of Core Ideas in Principles of Economics Courses"

April 30, Brad DeLong, University of California Berkley & Alan Reynolds, The Cato Institute - Debate: "Proposed Solutions to the Fiscal Crisis in the United States"

September 23, Bryan Riley, The Heritage Foundation - "The Economic Freedom Index"

October 7, Ludek Niedermayer, Czech National Bank - "Managing Crises in the European Union and the Changing Role of Central Banks"

October 14, Lee Coppock, University of Virginia - "Markets and Economic Growth"

December 4, Paul Attwater, Morgan Stanley


February 3, Hamilton Fout, Federal National Mortgage Association - "Using Economic Models in Housing and Credit Markets"

March 5, Michael Carlisle, Douglas County Bank - "Round Table on Career Opportunities & Discussion on Trust Services"

April 3, Don Boudreaux, George Mason University - “Have Middle-Class Americans' Living Standards Stagnated Since the 1970s?" - Download PowerPoint

April 23, Chris Drahozal, University of Kansas Law School - "Understanding Arbitration and How it Relates to Behavioral Economics"

August 28, Dr. Bill Blankenau, Kansas State University - "State of the Department"

October 18, Cary Deck, University of Arkansas - "Economics as an Experimental Science"


November 14, Dave Dreiling, Owner GTM Sports Wear - “Made in Manhattan” (Annual Regnier Lecture Series on Entrepreneurship)

October 27, Dirk Mateer, Penn State University - “Making Economics Pop:  Media for Economists”

September 26, Dan Kuester, Economics Department - Kansas State University and Matt Walters KMAN Radio - "The Day the Big XII (Almost) Died"

April 28, Roger Garrison, Auburn University – "K-State Speaker Series on Economic Prosperity

April 14, Stephan Thurman – International Economist – U.S. State Department – "How to Present Economic Data to Policy Makers

March 31, Jim Haymaker – Corporate Vice President – Cargill – "Regnier Lecture Series on Entrepreneurship

March 2, Prof. Lloyd Thomas – "The Financial Crisis and Federal Reserve Policy

February 15, John Nelson, Applied Research Company "A Discussion on Entrepreneurship

Fall 2010

November 16, Brian Brenberg – Kings College, "Innovation and Prosperity:  Understanding why it  occurs and the benefits it creates."

October 21, Tim Robinson GM – Oracle Division - Perficient Industries

October 10, Roger Bey on the M.S. in Finance at the University of Tulsa

September 13, Kevin McBeth – Actuary Travelers Insurance – "The ABCs of Directors' and Officers' Insurance"

Fall 2009

Professor Michael Oldfather's Incompleat Guide to Personal Finance | Download PDF

Dirk Mateer, Director of Undergraduate Studies in Economics giving his lecture "No Longer Dismal: Enlivening Economics with Music and Film." Watch video

D.R. Leach and the team from Koch Industries. The topic will be "Koch Industries: Businesss Overview and Introduction to Market-Based Management."

Professor Blankenau, the Head of the Economics Department at K-State

Fall 2008 - Spring 2009

Dr. Charles Britton, University of Arkansas

Lloyd Thomas, Professor and Head of KSU Economics Department, and Rob Stitt, President of Community First National Bank - Forum on the Current Economic Crisis

Kevin McBeth, Actuarial Scientist with The Travelers Company - "The Progressive Method of Pricing and Selling Insurance"

Ryan Clark and Christina Brown with the State Street Corporation

Professor Mohaned Al-Hamdi, KSU - "Past and Future Challenges Facing the Iraqi Economy" | Download presentation notes

Gregory Weishar, CEO of PharMerica Corporation- "Corporate Intrapreneurship - Thoughts & Musings from a Serial Builder" | Download PowerPoint

Christopher R. Drahozal, John M. Rounds Professor of Law at KU School of Law - "Understanding Arbitration Law and the Relationship Between Law and Economics" | Download PowerPoint